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+31(0)72 506 1601 Herenweg 59 1935 AD, Egmond-Binnen

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Herberg Binnen

Herberg Binnen is an old family business, where since 1 July 2000 the Haagen family has been spoiling their guests for service and quality. A historic building where the gardeners used to sit on the sidewalk and drink a beer, while the village stories circulated. That spirit of the times has lingered, combined with modern comfort, Herberg Binnen is a resting point for everyone. Herberg Binnen is a haven for everyone, combined with the spirit of the times, combined with modern comfort.

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Our new hotel

We had a dream for years. For almost 20 years we have run our Café-Restaurant Het Wapen van Egmond-Binnen with a lot of passion. We just thought it would be great to have a hotel too. We have made the dream come true and we now have 8 beautifully decorated and spacious hotel rooms.

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