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Bitterballen – 0,9
a piece with mustard

Assorted Appetizers 10
Various snacks

Assorted Appetizers – 15
Ox sausage, liversausage, 2 sorts of cheese and warm snacks

Cheese fingers1,1
a piece

Nachos cheese from the oven 8,5
With spring onion, sour cream, jalapeños, guacamole & tomato salsa (vegetarian)


Country style Bread 7,5
With spreads

Nachos cheese from the oven 8,5
With sping onion, sour creme, jalapeños, guacamole & tomato salsa (vegetarian)


With creme fraich

Onion soup8,5
Gratinated with cheese

Bisque Homard 9,5
With crayfish


Beef carpaccio 12,5
Raw beef, pesto, aged cheese & pine nuts

Prawns 12,5
7 Prawns marinated in herbs and garlic

Red Beet Carpaccio 11,5
goat cheese | balsamic | caramelized onion | walnut crumble(vegetarian)

Marinated salmon, home preparation12
Asparagus salad, horseradish

Tasting 2 persons –p.p. 13
Various appetizers


Vegan Lasagna18
Eggplant, tomato sauce and vegan mozzarella

Vegi Burger16
With cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce,grill sauce

Kids menu

Tomatosoup – 5
Fruitcocktail – 5

Main course
Plate of fries – 4,5
Fries with croquette –
Fries with frikandel – 8
Fries with stick of Satay (125gr) – 9,5
Fries with spare rib (200gr) – 10
Pancake – 7

Kids ice cream – 6,5


Sauces and side dishes can be ordered

Tenderloin Tournedos (200gr)28
With seasonal vegetables

Meat skewer (250gr)26
VWith seasonal vegetables

Veal rib-eye from the grill (200gr)23
With seasonal begetables

Grandmother’s stew 21
Beef stew prepared with dark beer and with seasonal vegetables

Satay from chicken (250gr)18,5
With atjar and prawn crackers

Spare ribs (500gr)20

Schnitzel XL (300gr)19
With seasonal vegetables

Black Angus Burger (200gr)18,5
With tomato salsa, lettuce, bacon, fried onion, cheddar cheese and grill sauce

Sauces for meatdishes

Hot sauces
Pepper sauce – 1,5
Stroganoff sauce – 1,5
Red wine sauce – 1,5
Mushroom sauce – 1,5
Roquefort sauce – 1,5
Fried onions and/or mushrooms – 2,5
Satay sauce – 1,5
Herb butter – 1

Cold sauces
Garlic sauce – 1
Grill sauce – 1
Mayonaise – 1


Sauces and side dishes can be ordered

Fish of the day Dayprice
ask the waiter what our supplier has supplied for you

Sauces for Fish dishes

Hot sauces
Hollandaise sauce – 1,5
Beurre blanc – 1,5
Mustard sauce – 1,5

Cold sauces
Remoulade sauce – 1

Meal salads

Side dishes can be ordered

Mixed salat, salmon, mackerel, prawns

Goat (v) 16,5
Mixed salat, goat cheese, croquettes, figs (vegetarian)

Caesar salad – 17,5
Smoked chicken, bacon, grana padano, egg, mixed salad

Garnish with your dish

Seasoned potatoes from the oven – 2,5
Mix salad – 2,5
White rice – 2
Extra portion fresh vegetables – 2,5
Extra fries with mayonaise – 3
Portion white and dark bread – 1

Price changes and typing errors reserved

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