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+31(0)72 506 1601 Herenweg 59 1935 AD, Egmond-Binnen


Bread freshly backed buns, dark or white:

Goatcheese hot, 11,5
Fresh figs, honey, walnut (vegetarian)

Beef carpaccio 13,5
With pesto, aged cheese and pine nuts

Tonijnsalade 11

Croquette With bread9
2 pieces

Vegan croquette With bread9
2 pieces (vegan)

Vegan Lunch tasting13,5
Tomatosoup, sandwich Grootmeester croquette, sandwich with sweet paprika hummus (vegan)

Lunch Platter
Tomatosoup, carpaccio sandwich and sandwich, ham, cheese and sunny side up egg

Lunch Tasting 14
Carpaccio Sandwich, Tuna salad Sandwich, Sandwich Grootmeester croquette

Croque Monsieur
Bechamel sauce, ham, cheese and gruyere – 8,5

Croque Madame
Bechamel sauce, ham, cheese, gruyere and fried egg – 9,5

Croque Vega
Bechamel sauce, cheese and gruyere – 8,5

Fried egg sandwich
Ham or cheese – 8,5

Ham & cheese – 9

Vegi omelet 9

Black Angus Burger 18,5
200gr with tomato salsa, lettuce, bacon, fried onion, cheddar cheese and grill sauce

Vegi Burger from Beyond Meat 16
With tomato salsa, lettuce, fried onion,cheddar cheese and grill sauce

Extra side-dish with your lunch:

Fries with mayonnaise – 3


Tomatosoup 8
With crème fraîche

Onion soup8,5
Gratinated with cheese

Bisque Homard 9,5
With crayfish


Natural – 7
Bacon & cheese
Apple & bacon
– 8,5
Ham & cheese
– 8,5


Bitterballen 0,9
a piece with mustard

Assorted Appetizers 12st 10
with different kind of hot snacks

Assorted Appetizers – 15
Ox sausage, liversausage, young cheese, old cheese and warm snacks

Cheese fingers1,1
a piece

Nachos cheese 8,5
From the oven: with spring onion, sour cream, jalapeños, guacamole & tomato salsa

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