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+31(0)72 506 1601 Herenweg 59 1935 AD, Egmond-Binnen

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Out and yet a little at home!

Various festivities can take place in Herberg Binnen between 10 and 100 people. Herberg Binnen lets its guests choose. Not only in the culinary field, but also with regard to space and activities. Our inn is air-conditioned, rain or shine, we ensure a pleasant temperature.
Herberg Binnen is perfect for both small and large groups and offers an ideal ambiance.
We have packages with very reasonable pricing.

The possibilities

Herberg Binnen organizes:

  • Wedding &reception
  • All inclusive packages
  • Birthday party&company party
  • Walking dinner &coffee tables
  • Dinner for large groups
  • Funeral services
  • Catering on location

We can combine this with, for example:

  • Old Dutch games
  • Visit the candle factory
  • Walk on the Monikkenpad
  • Solextour

We can make various compositions for this. We would like to personally create a plan with you to make this afternoon or evening unforgettable.

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Weddings & receptions

You are getting married and so give each other the yes, how nice!
Whether you keep it simple or celebrate with an exuberant party, in Herberg Binnen your wedding day is time and attention. That is why we come with an important tip: Take the time to enjoy this unforgettable day.

Of course you understand that it is a long day and that a lot has to be arranged, but as you can see we can take a lot of things off your hands. There are many options in Herberg Binnen.
Make an appointment with Robert Haagen without obligation, to make a cost quote for you and to discuss your wishes.

All inclusive packages

Herberg Binnen provides various all-in packages tailored to your needs! Are you celebrating a birthday or want to organize a company party, nothing is impossible!

What can we offer for example:
A sparkling reception with a delicious glass of champagne. After this we will give your guests unlimited free consumption (excl. Foreign spirits). The tables have the necessary finger food and the artist who will perform all evening has now started his cozy repertoire.
During the party we open a very extensive and tasty cold and warm buffet for your guests. It is possible to extend this arrangement for 5 hours with coffee, tea and sweets in the last half hour before the end.

Packages can be booked from EUR 25.- p.p.

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Buffets and coffee tables

Herberg Binnen regularly organizes events with running buffets. But it is also possible to reserve a coffee table.

We offer completely customized buffets. For example, you can think of a generous buffet with:

  • Smoked eel & salmon
  • Shrimps & herring
  • Ardennes ham with melon
  • Russian salad, salmon salad & pasta salad
  • Vietnamese spring rolls
  • Fried fish
  • Chicken legs
  • Chicken Sate
  • Bami
  • Chinese meatballs in sweet and sour sauce
  • Chicken with mango and pineapple
  • Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce
  • Baked potatoes
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruitsalad
  • French bread with herb butter

Ask us about the options for a buffet or coffee table.

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